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Ahorn Paper 1, Christian Patterson, Bottom of the Lake     

Offered by : ahorn books

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We are glad to present the first issue of Ahorn Paper dedicated to Christian Patterson’s book and project Bottom of the Lake. The first Ahorn Paper features contributions by Gerry Badger, Luc Sante, and Thomas Weski, together with two in-depth interviews with the artist. We chose to devote our attention not only to the book but also to Christian Patterson’s multidisciplinary approach and artistic practice, addressing among other things, his interest in the relationship between sound and vision, his thoughts on history and the archive, his commitment to examining the nature of photographs and documents, truth and fiction.

Our Set (2 Books) includes both AP CP BL and the first edition of Bottom of the Lake, published by Koenig Books in 2015. Bottom of the Lake is now in its second edition, as the first one is already out of print.

Thread-sewn softcover, 105 x 192 mm
144 pages, English, B&W Ills.

ISBN 978-3-946707-00-4