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Against Translation   

Kenneth Goldsmith
Offered by : Jean Boîte Editions

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Against Translation is an unreleased essay by Kenneth Goldsmith. Jean Boîte Éditions publishes it here in eight languages, in eight books gathered in a boxcase – English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.

The author discusses the impasses and shortcomings of translation, this “approximation of discourse that produces a new discourse” and he opposes the notion of displacement, a phenomenon born of globalization: if people and objects are moved, so it will for language. Using the example of the influence of advertising, information ow and the effects of networking, Kenneth Goldsmith shows the obsolescence of the act of translation and reflects on the idea of movement. Movement is the new reality which tends to impose its standard upsets linguistic structures, social and political worlds, and profoundly changes our cultural practices.

Following Theory – a sum of 500 texts printed and assembled in the form of a ream of paper –, Against Translation is the second book of Kenneth Goldsmith published by Jean Boite Éditions.

8 books in a box
9×16cm - 32 pages each
Worldwide Edition (Arabic, Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian)
ISBN 978-2-365-680-127 
Price : 39€
Publication: June, 2016
Publishers : Mathieu Cénac, Pierre-Edouard Couton, David Desrimais & Olivia de Smedt
Graphic Design: Groupe CCC 
Translations : Léa Faust, Hamid Nhajam, Marisol Rodriguez, Anna Saldadzé, Cong Shi, Sophie Wohlgemuth, Yoshiki Yamamoto
Special thanks to : Aska Abe, Aure Bergeret, Christian Berkes, Nana Kurdagiya, Franck Leibovici, Youssef Mamouni, Camille Mansour