Produced by Luma Arles

Offprint London — 19-21 May 2017 — Tate Modern

Porno Thietor
Plastic Words
This life we lead…
In the shadows of the Pyramids
Bit Rot
28 Girls
The Secret Garden
Siam’s Guy
Issue #9 – Control
Nine Eyes Of Google Street View
Looking For Alice
Turbo Vanish
Tiny Pencil IV: Death & Resurrection!
Fire in Cairo
The October
The Artists in their own words #31
Bad Feelings
Edith’s Scrapbook
How to cook a book
Le nouvel esprit du vandalisme N°8
Morbid Being
Border Cantos
Second System Vision, Fieldwork: First-term
k.m : Exhibitions / Ausstellungen 2010-2015
Horse Latitudes
Turing’s Vision : The Birth of Computer Science
Freaky Dog and Freaky Boy
HEIM : Soldat schweig!
Time has creative power
Mile End
Beyond Maps and Atlases
I wish to see where the winds meet
My Ironmongery
Joachim Koester: Of Spirits and Empty Spaces
Be Furious You’re Going To Die
It’s funny
The Sota Project
Poster Tribune : Issue 6
Lubok 12
Blueprint for Counter Education
Seashells, silk sails and the parabolic etching of the night sky
A Zoo for Chris Marker
What Is This Thing Called Polaroid?